'True Blood' headed for a musical afterlife

'True Blood' headed for a musical afterlife
(photo courtesy John P. Johnson/HBO)
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Like the vampires it portrays, "True Blood" won't seem to die. Even if it means breaking out in song.

After the final scene of the upcoming final season of "True Blood," fans may be able to take another fresh bite out of the HBO drama.

In the works: "'True Blood': The Musical."

Composer Nathan Barr said at the seventh season premiere Tuesday night that he's pitched the idea to HBO and to series creator Alan Ball.

Barr said the musical will revolve around protagonist, telepath and waitress Sookie Stackhouse, portrayed in the series by Anna Paquin.

Barr says he has gotten no guarantees, but received the green light to put together a workshop version of the vampirical musical.

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