Trucks taking shortcut could be ticketed


Semi truck drivers caught ignoring new warning signs about driving through downtown Indianapolis could get a ticket today. State Police will be watching out for those drivers using city streets to avoid the south split construction traffic.

INDOT installed new signs this weekend to ban large trucks from downtown Indy. Trucks are only allowed on the if they're making a downtown delivery.

Since the split closed two weeks ago, police say the trucks are creating a safety problem because they're too big for city streets. They end-up crossing lanes and running over curbs when they turn.

Meanwhile INDOT reports crews making good progress on the project to lower the pavement in the split so semis don't scrape their trailers on the underside of bridges.

And the rain that fell overnight should have little effect. In fact, a little precipitation is a good thing.  The rain helps keep the dust down.

So as long as the rain isn't overwhelming, it's actually helpful.

Contractors are prepared for a certain number of rainy days. And they say the project is still on schedule.