Troopers increase patrols in construction zones

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Indiana State Police are making speeders in construction zones pay the price for speeding in those zones.

If you're caught, you could be hit with a $1,000 fine.

"You see how they're going down already because they see me sitting here," said Indiana State Trooper Kyle Mitchell as he sat in a construction zone along Interstate 70 near Mount Comfort.

Mitchell was clocking drivers' speeds through the zone, most of whom slowed down when they saw him.

Not all of them did, though.

So Mitchell turned on his lights when he clocked a driver coming through going almost 70 miles per hour through a construction zone.

"Right now, I have my front lights on to alert everybody to please get over. I'm trying to catch somebody," said Mitchell.

That somebody was a driver from Illinois in a white van.

"Normally, the zones are 55 miles per hour when the construction crew is not out there," Mitchell explained.

The crew wasn't out there this time, but Mitchell was still there just to remind drivers to slow down.

"We're creatures of habit. So if you continuously go through these zones and you see troopers or officers in the zones, subconsciously, you're going to slow down no matter what," he said.

"I got you coming out of that zone and that's a construction zone that area's 55, but I had you going at 69 miles per hour," Mitchell told the driver.

He continued to tell the driver about the crash that killed two workers in a construction zone Friday morning.

"A few construction crew members got struck and killed this morning, a 24-year old and a 49-year old," Mitchell explained. "And now that's why we're in the zone and we're really trying to show people you really have to slow down when you see these construction sites and that's why we're really trying to enforce that.

"It's sad they lost their lives this morning."

Mitchell said he hopes troopers presence in construction zones send a clear message to drivers who are thinking about breaking the speed limit to think again and slow down.

"If it was their relatives out there, their mom, their dad, their niece, their nephew, their brother, their sister, they would slow down. So treat them the same that you would treat your own," said Mitchell.

The fines for speeding in construction zones are steep. It's $1,000 if workers are on site when drivers break the speed limit. If not, it's still a $250 fine.