Trooper saves driver's life after heart attack, crash

Ben Lindley had a heart attack while driving on I-65 last week.

An Indianapolis man is getting a second chance at life after a dramatic road side rescue by an Indiana State Police trooper.

Last week, 48-year-old Ben Lindley died from a massive heart attack.

"They said that I died and they said you don't get any more massive than that," recalled Lindley of what the doctors at Methodist Hospital told him.

Monday, Lindley was sitting in his living room, holding the hand of his fiancé Joyce Hayes

"It's a huge miracle," said Hayes of the fact that Lindley was sitting next to her on their couch. "It just puts things in perspective, I think. I mean, it makes you think about what's important and what's not."

What's important for Lindley and Hayes now is the chance to thank the man who held Ben's life in his hands, literally - Indiana State Police Sergeant Luke Nathalang.

"I honestly believe you know that God put me in that location in that situation for a reason," said Nathalang.

The location was Interstate 65, near mile marker 111 last Tuesday. That's where Nathalang came upon an accident involving Lindley.

"I don't remember anything," said Lindley of the accident.

That's because Lindley had a heart attack while driving on the interstate and side swiped a semi.

"He wasn't moving, he wasn't breathing," recalled Nathalang. "I shook him. I tried to talk to him, check his pulse."

When that didn't work, Nathalang started CPR on Lindley.

"He took several gasps and then he stopped," recalled Nathalang of the life and death situation with which he was face-to-face.

The same thing happened two more times before paramedics took over and rushed Lindley to the hospital.

"The cardiologist said that he saved Ben's life," said Hayes of the steps Nathalang took.

"I always said when I started this career 28 years ago, that...that if I could just save one life, um, you know, I'll be doing my job, you know," said Nathalang.

"I'm glad he was there. It wouldn't have worked any other way," said Lindley.

It seems, Nathalang has a knack for being in the right place at the right time these days.

After Eyewitness News interviewed him, he was leaving when a woman flagged him down. The woman told Nathalang her grandmother was on oxygen and couldn't breathe after the tubes got tangled in the car.

Nathalang was only too glad to help.

"God put me here, you know, to help another human being and to be able to do it readily like that, you know, is such a blessing," said Nathalang of his opportunity to help Ben Lindley.

Now because of Nathalang, there are more blessings to come for Lindley and his fiancé.

Instead of Joyce planning Lindley's funeral, the couple is setting a date to celebrate their wedding.

"I had just found him and I would have hated to lose him," Hayes said.