Trial for Richmond Hill explosion suspect could take place in Allen County

Mark Leonard

Allen County is under formal consideration to hold the trial for one of three people accused in the 2012 Richmond Hill explosion.

Prosecutor Denise Robinson Wednesday withdrew her objection to the defense request for a change of venue for Mark Leonard's trial. Judge Sheila Carlisle then granted the motion.

On Friday, Eyewitness News learned that Allen County could end up hosting the trial.

Prosecutors say Leonard, his brother Bob, and Monserrate Shirley blew up Shirley's house in November of 2012, killing two neighbors and damaging dozens of homes.

Defense lawyers for Mark Leonard asked for the change of venue because of extensive media coverage. Judge Carlisle called in dozens of potential jurors to question them one-by-one over the past three days about their knowledge of the case to determine if it would be possible to assemble an impartial jury for a trial in Indianapolis.

The other two suspects, Bob Leonard and Monserrate Shirley, have also filed for a change of venue. They will likely go through the same "test jury" process as Mark Leonard.