Trial date set for April for teen accused in Indianapolis crime spree

Sirquain Burr
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A 17-year-old facing charges for stealing cars, killing a man, shooting a dog walker and pistol-whipping a woman all in the same day will go on trial in April.

Sirquain Burr faced a judge Wednesday morning in adult court.

Burr learned in court at the City-County Building that he is the prime suspect in two shootings during last week's deadly crime spree. The 17-year-old stayed quiet as Marion County deputies escorted him to his hearing. The teenager is being held at the Marion County Jail charged as an adult.

Prosecutors say Burr and a 15-year-old crashed their stolen get away car last Wednesday during a police chase.

Court documents show the 15-year-old told investigators Burr fired the shot that killed 38-year-old John Yingling as they robbed him in his driveway. Family friends of Sirquain Burr speculate that the greed for money may be one of the motives for the crime spree.

Pastor Patrick Andrews, a family friend of Sirquain Burr, said Burr often had money on his mind. "He was always looking for 'where am I going to get some cash to do things like go out with my friends or buy something nice for yourself,'" said Andrews.

The motive is something prosecutors have not narrowed down as they try to get the 15-year-old's charges in adult court, too.

"The charges brought against the 15-year-old will be the same as the charges for the 17-year-old. Obviously, we are seeking a waiver in that case based upon the seriousness of the crimes," said Denise Robinson, Marion Co Deputy Prosecutor.

The judge set Sirquain Burr's murder and robbery trial for April 2013.

The 15-year-old could find out if he will face charges as an adult as early as Thursday.

One of the teens' alleged robbery targets fought back, and his challenge prompted the teens to flee.

Burr faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting at a west side man who happened to be out walking his dog. Rex Souter says he managed to evade the gunman.