Travel trouble in Hamilton County

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Frigid temperatures made for slick roads on US 31 North in Hamilton County.  One semi got stuck in the snow after sliding off the side of the road.

"Thirty-one South is just a solid sheet of ice," said Scott Atkins, Kokomo, as he filled up his gas tank.

Atkins was trying to avoid that on his way to Lebanon from Kokomo.

"We just try to drive slow and give enough distance to the people in front of us, " he said.

"If they start sliding and slam on their breaks and then you know you're at their mercy sometimes," he added.

Traffic crawled in some spots along US 31 as drivers tried to avoid ending up in ditches.

"I went 31 today and it was terrible all the way," said Bob Bergman.

"Wind, white outs, and slick," he added.

Along country roads off of 31 earlier in the afternoon, wind was the big issue, leading to white out conditions in some spots when snow drifts blew onto the roads

"I know it's been really really windy so the roads gotta be terrible," said Jason Moss.

Moss said he was going to take it easy on his speed, knowing the wind and black ice could change everything in an instant.

"I go slow, slow as I can," he said.