Trash-filled corner gets clean-up after calls


An eyesore on a north Indianapolis street is getting cleaned up after months of neglect.

A huge pile of trash and weeds has been a nuisance at East 86th Street and North Keystone Avenue for most of the summer. A trash can tied to a light pole on the southbound off-ramp from Keystone has been drawing complaints. Trash is spilling out of the can and three trash bags are about to break open alongside the road, with no one around to pick them up.

The intersection is a gateway to Keystone at the Crossing, but it's not so fashionable. Drivers waiting at the stoplight have been watching it all summer, too.

"Looks bad for the city," said one driver. "I wonder who put it there."

"The trash can came this summer and has been full and overflowing," another steamed motorist said.

"It is an eyesore," said another.

"I don't like it. I didn't think people are supposed to panhandle like that, but they do it on this corner all the time," added another frustrated driver.

So who is putting the trash there? Eyewitness News asked one of the panhandlers who frequent this and other nearby busy intersections. He said the trash can tied to the light pole was put there "by some old guy, they say."

"We clean it up usually, it's been cleaned up," said the man.

But Eyewitness News told the man what we've seen and what folks told us - that it hasn't been touched in months.

"Trash will be gone, brother," he said.

But what about the trash bags left on the shoulder?

"Some guy is supposed to come pick them up, they come out of the trash can. But he ain't picked them up," the man said.

When a city truck passed by, we called the Department of Public Works.

"We definitely don't want trash in that area, or any area of the city it doesn't belong," said DPW spokesperson Kara Brooks.

After our call, the brush was cut and the trash was gone. A lot of people saw the mess, but the city says no one reported it.

"This is definitely on our radar. We are going to keep an eye out on this area," Brooks said.

They'll need to, because hours after the city cleared the mess, a new mess - including pop cans and fast food bags - was building.

You can report problems like the one at this intersection to the Mayor's Action Center at 317-327-4MAC.