Trash collectors playing catch-up


More than a week after a small blizzard hit central Indiana, we are still feeling the effects. Some neighborhoods haven't had trash pickup in more than two weeks.

Following the holidays, trash will be picked up today. And after today, Indianapolis should be caught up with pick ups for anyone who missed a pick up due to the December 26 blizzard. 

Families often have extra trash during the holidays, from extra cooking for guests and wrapping paper and packaging from gifts.

Houses scheduled for pickup on Wednesday, December 26 - the day after Christmas - were delayed by 7.5 inches of snow. Pick-up was canceled that day and the next. Then, due to the backup caused by the New Year's holiday, the same homes were skipped again. Now everything will be collected today starting at 7 this morning.

Normally, all trash has to fit into the supplied 96 gallon trash cans. But the Department of Public Works is waiving that rule for this week's pickup, and will collect any trash that's in or near the can.

For residents with smaller cans, the rule of no more than 10 trash bags will be waived as well, but just for today.

See the full schedule of trash pick up.