Train, Maroon 5, remember State Fair victims during concert

The concerts were moved to Conseco Fieldhouse after the State Fair accident.

Maroon 5, Train and their fans came together for a concert that was supposed to take place at the State Fair grandstand stage.

Instead, they came to Conseco Fieldhouse to remember the victims of the State Fair accident. Train lead singer Pat Monahan told us "It wouldn't be right to come in here and not give all this, these earnings to people who need it the most and so that just made sense."

The concerts were expected to raise half a million dollars to help the families of those killed and the injured from Saturday's stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair.

"I feel like not only am I going to enjoy a great concert, I'm going to be helping those people that lost their loved ones," said Train Fan Roseanne Junkins.

Both bands were originally scheduled to be at the Fair with 11,000  tickets sold.  But after what happened Saturday, Conseco Fieldhouse offered its stage instead.

"We are supposed to be on that very stage today and I know a lot of our fans were looking forward to this show," said Train guitarist Jimmy Stafford.

Train's drummer, Scott Underwood, said he hoped what happened would open people's eyes to safety concerns at concerts. "We should be inspecting these stages and we should be very concerned about weather," said Underwood.

But Thursday, it was a chance for people to smile again. And they did. 

At the end of their concert, Train showed pictures of those who lost their lives this week.