Track Team 13: Glamping at Indy 500

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Anne Marie Tiernon and Nicole Misencik will be "glamping" at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Saturday night. Follow their blog here, and watch at 11pm Saturday and 5-noon Sunday for their reports!

Sunday, 3:00 pm

Well, it's over. I have officially checked out of Glamptown at the Indianapolis Motor speedway!

The goal was to pack up and get out of the track early and listen to the ending of the race on the radio on the way home. It was a very fun experience and I would recommend it if you are fan of camping and racing. I think the most glamorous aspects of this option are that you don't have to set up your tent; don't have to take a grill out to the track and there is unlimited ice. And when it's time to leave, you don't have to breakdown your tent and put the grill in your car!

Probably the best part of the experience is the opportunity to be part of a new neighborhood, if only for one night. In true camping spirit, people offered to share blankets, beers and bratwurst.

Nicole and I work opposite shifts at work but were able to partner up on this project and it was great. Yeah, my first shower was cold and yes, I didn't like the truck backing up all night...but overall I made new friends, shared s'mores with Nicole and got to watch the sun rise at the speedway.

Glamping? My vote: Thumbs up!! Now to nap :)

Sunday, 5:00 am
Good morning! We made it! we did get some sleep everything inside the tent feels a little bit damp right now.. And we would like to know who is driving the truck that apparently has been in reverse for four hours. You know that backup sound vehicles make when they are in reverse?… Well there's a truck that has been doing that all night long ;). Nicole is getting ready right now I am in denial and am still in his sleeping bag trying to stay warm as long as possible. The good news is we didn't have anyone bother us… Come knocking on our tent in anyway which is good! I think I'm going to grab a baseball hat and go to the front of Glamptown and meet our camera crews we will start bringing you live coverage at five!Hopefully we can find that vehicle because as of right now it's still in reverse....

The challenges of glamping and then getting ready for your live shot...

- Anne Marie Tiernon

Saturday, 9:35 pm

There was a slight glitch at our check-in because it appeared a tent would not be available, but after a couple of hours it all worked out.

We moved into a tent with two cots. We do not have power, but we like the location at the back of the campground. We think it will be quieter for sleeping. That may be wishful thinking, but we will see…:)

We are sitting out in the common area watching the Pacers game on a big screen projection. There are heat lanterns and outdoor sectional couches. Many of the campers here have gone to the Coke lot for years and say they like this location and amenities better.

Everybody seems to be in a good mood and it's been a very positive experience so far.

Nicole and I are little anxious about not missing our alarm in the morning and making sure that we can be ready for the sunrise broadcast. Guess we'll see how that goes starting at 5:00 AM :)

- Anne Marie

Saturday, 6:25 pm

Nicole says: Wait...there are RULES?!

Saturday, 3:00 pm

Got home from the parade…lots of fun…and now have my bags packed and am ready to go Glamping with Nicole.

My bag is super huge. In fact, it's the same bag I took to Sochi for three weeks! But I've put a sleeping bag, and two pillows inside…to make the move in easier! I also have 2 of everything, because you never know…what may happen in Glamptown.

I have a power strip, my gold swagger t-shirt and yes, I'm in charge of the beverages. Strictly water of course…:)

Stayed tuned here as we move in and share our #GlamperGirls13 experience with you!

- Anne Marie

Saturday, 11:00 amSo... the day is finally here! We're going glamping!

The preparing to glamp isn't so glamorous.

Pillows, check. Snacks, check. Um, Cheez-Its count as dairy, right? Warm clothes for the overnight, check.

Stress! What to bring glamping? Okay, I'll admit, I wouldn't be so stressed if we were just glamping and that is the end of the story, but that's not the case.

Hairdryer and make up, check. Yep, hairdryer and makeup. I wish that wasn't the case, but we'll be trying to get on-air ready at the glampsite to see you bright and early on WTHR's Race Day! If you ever run into me around town on my days off, I'm a ponytail and no make up girl, think I can get away with that after glamping? We'll see how well I can put make up on with a flashlight and compact mirror.

I've been told the facilities are amazing, but since I haven't seen them myself, I'm over packing just in case.

We're really excited to have fun with fellow race fans, and honestly, I'm looking forward to the s'mores Anne Marie has been promising me!

Anne Marie and I will be settling into our campsite around 6pm tonight.

Are you ready to glamp? Live the experience with us through social media (Nicole and Anne Marie, #glampergirls13) and live on Race Day from 5am to noon!

- Nicole Misencik

Friday, 1:30 pm:

When we heard there was going to be glamping at the track this year, Nicole and I didn’t hesitate. No problem…we would do it!!

Now that the time is here, we realize this will be interesting as we are spending the night in the infield before we go on TV for 7 hours of live coverage starting at 5AM. That’s just not cute! So please keep that in mind if we opt for baseball hats because there was an “issue” with the showers.

KJ from WZPL 99.5 has already spent time at the campground and we appreciate her tips. She told us it was COLD so in addition to layering up to bring towels, flip-flops, bug spray, pillows and food. She also added that they ran out of toilet paper…So we are scrambling around, and packing up with extra TP.

We plan to move in Saturday after the 500 Parade. So keep checking back for updates…to see if you want to join us next year!

- Anne Marie Tiernon