Town no longer divided by time

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Linsey Davis/Eyewitness News

West College Corner, IN, April 3 - It's been decades since most Hoosiers have been on Daylight Saving Time but that string finally ended early Sunday morning.

Eyewitness News went to an Indiana-Ohio border town that used to be divided over time but is now in-sync.

Even with sixty minutes added to the clock, just how much the small town of West College Corner Indiana has advanced as a result of daylight saving time is still up for debate. 

The Indiana-Ohio state line split the community into two different time zones.

Although the town is finally on the same time, it still has two zip codes and a town square that is actually a triangle.

"Nothing changes now. It's all the same time. We're all on the same page," said one resident.

"It will take me a few days to get acclimated. My daughter as an example, she was late for school this morning because of the clock change. So it will be some confusion for a few days then it will work out," said another resident.

But there is no quick fix in a place where the most prominent sign is broken.

"So you only have one clock at the center of town. That's the one right there and it's not working," another resident said.

How will this community adjust? Only time will tell.  For now, they are still losing sleep over the change.