Tornado-tossed scrap book winds up 76 miles from home

Bill Reay

Last Friday's tornado's across southern Indiana scattered debris over a wide area, but one Kentucky man found something with an usual twist.

The Florence man found a scrap book from what used to be a home in Paynesville, Indiana. That's 76 miles away, or about an hour and 30 minutes by car.

The scrap book ended up in the parking lot of a tire discounters shop. Here's the twist. A page in the book documented the tornado that hit Madison County, Indiana in 1974.

The scrap book belongs to Connie Caldwell. It has special meaning to because it was put together by her late father who recorded local history since 1929.

"It's getting back to someone that it meant something to, or meant something to someone who they knew, it's special. It's important," said Bill Reay, who found the scrap book.

Connie Caldwell says she will continue to look for pieces of her scrap book so she can restore them for her grandchildren.