Tony Dungy on Jim Irsay

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Tony Dungy spoke out for the first time Thursday about Jim Irsay's arrest last Sunday after a traffic stop in Carmel.

Irsay faces felony charges for prescription drug possession plus a charge of operating while under the influence.

"To me, it just goes to show you that no matter where you are in life, that can happen," Dungy said in a video on his AllProDadTV YouTube channel.

Dungy offered encouragement for Irsay in what he called an ongoing battle with addiction.

"My best wishes, my prayers go out to Jim Irsay. I know he's in a treatment center. He's been battling this for awhile."

Dungy went on to say he hopes the treatment Irsay is getting finally helps. He said he's behind his former boss and friend 100 percent.

"Jim is a great man, who's done a lot for not only me, but the entire city of Indianapolis, the Colts organization. He's got a great heart and my prayer is that he can overcome this, win this battle with these prescription drugs, come back and get back on the right track, leading the colts as he's done for so long."

If you don't see the video above this post, you can watch it here.