Tonight at 11pm: Is your kid a tech addict?

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It's hard for many of us to be away from our mobile phones too long. But Eyewitness News Anchor Anne Marie Tiernon found out that when some people are unhooked, they go to extremes.

It's something most all of us can relate too. Am I missing a message? Did I get a "like?" How many friends commented on my photo?

Most people use technology for work, school and our social lives. But how do we know when the control is getting away from us or our children?

"For an adolescent, their friends are the world, and so it is like, 'I am going to take your world away from you,'" said George Brenner, a counselor who specializes in addictions. "As both a parent and a professional, I'm concerned and just as a human being, I'm concerned."

Tonight on Eyewitness News at 11:00 pm: the extreme reactions that can occur when parents cut the cord and the classic warning signs to look out for.

Watch AnneMarie's story from 11:00.