Toddler rescued from hot SUV released from hospital


On Meg Truebloods facebook page, there are smiling pictures with her baby daughter and twin boys. Her most recent activity says click 'like' if you love your kids.

But on Saturday the 30-year-old mom was arrested for leaving her 16-month-old in a locked SUV while she shopped at a Fishers resale shop for more than an hour.

A police officer had to break a window to get the unconscious girl out.

Matt Scott watched the whole thing unfold. He said Trueblood didn't seem to care until the baby was brought inside the store.

"She just said, "Let me see my baby let me see my baby." She didn't seem to realize how serious the situation had become, and as hot as it is out here it's kind of hard to put together," said Scott.

The 16-month-old was initially rushed to Peyton Manning Children's hospital in critical condition but she has since been upgraded and was released from the hospital on Sunday to the custody of a grandparent.

A man who opened the door at Truebloods Fishers home said,"We don't want to talk to you, I'm sorry it's just too delicate."

When asked about how the baby girl was doing he said: "Everything's good. I appreciate that . The baby, thank God, is fine."

But it's not fine to Karen Brown who lives a few doors down, "I saw police cars here yesterday afternoon. I had no idea that's that what it was I thought it was a heat stroke call or something. (I'm) Horrified."

A friend of the mother of three told Eyewitness News that Trueblood is a good mother and loves her kids but loses track of time easily and can be, at times, absent minded. She said her home was always clean and completely baby proofed. Every safety precaution had been taken.

To Brown, that is no excuse for he mother's actions that could have cost her daughter her life.

"It just leaves me speechless because I can not believe someone could do that," Brown said.

Trueblood bonded out of jail but will be in court next week to face a judge on child neglect charges.