Tires vandalized on dozens of cars in Lafayette neighborhood

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It was a Christmas eve surprise in Lafayette. And there's no way that Santa brought it. It was more likely a grinch.

"I went out to start the car, then the neighbor said check the other side," Cynthia Marcus told us. "Sure enough."

Her daughter's car and her husband's truck both had slashed tires. It happened Monday along Lafayette's Southlea Drive.

"Today's just bad timing," victim Brent Marcus said. "Insurance company's not there. Can't take it to the tire stores 'til Wednesday."

"They should think before they do something like this right before the holidays," said another victim, Alari Cabrera.

Neighbors say they counted about thirty tires destroyed. They think it happened around midnight. All of the targeted cars were parked at the curb. Cars parked in the driveway were spared.

It looks like the vandals just wanted to slash and dash.

Kerry Gillespie heard about the slashed tires but hadn't checked his own car until we told him about it.

"Oh, wonderful," he said. "Christmas is supposed to be a happy time. Should be. Not to find vandals at work."

It's a financial flat for folks here.

"Our son is in the hospital, said victim Cynthia Marcus. "He's been there two weeks. Kidney disease. Merry Christmas."

Christmas can be expensive, and now this.

"Obviously they don't have time to think about someone else's Christmas experiences," said victim Sarah Henson. "They're only thinking about themselves."

At the Marcus house alone, Brent says they lost $700 in tires.

"Merry Christmas to me," said victim Kerry Gillespie. "Hope it is a Merry Christmas for you, we said. It will be."

Call Lafayette Police if you have information about the crimes.