Tip to Delphi investigation hotline leads to Cass County cold case arrest

Arrest in Delphi cold case

Arrest in Delphi cold case

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LOGANSPORT (WTHR) - The investigation into the murders of Delphi teens Libby German and Abby Williams has led to an arrest for another murder that’s gone unsolved for a decade.

An arrest in a cold case, a ten-year-old murder is boosting the morale of investigators

“Anytime you take an alleged killer off the streets here in Indiana, that is going to boost investigator’s morale.” Explain Indiana State Police Sgt. Sgt Tony Slocum, “maybe now that we have this close case allegedly solved maybe the murders of Libby German and Abby Williams..this propels someone to give us the information they have been holding back.”

A tip to the Delphi murder hot line alerted investigators to Kevin Sellers. According to court records, the caller said “he killed his uncle some years before and had gotten away with it” in neighboring Cass County.

During questioning, and after repeated denials, according court records Sellers declared “I surrender” and confessed to the 10 year old crime.

“This case has been continued to be worked at different points the last 10 years. We never stop working a cold case,” said Cass county prosecutor Lisa Swaim.

In 2007, Kevin Sellers claimed he found his uncle David Sellers shot to death in the home they shared. Detectives immediately suspected the younger Sellers of murder. Despite years of work they didn’t have enough evidence to justify murder charges until receiving that crucial tip.

“For an investigator working on a cold case, any new information is a big deal.” Swaim said “To them and the community.”

Sgt. Slocum seemed to agree, “We have dogged determination. We are not going to stop no matter how many years go by.”

Investigators insist an arrest in a 10-year-old cold case should instill public confidence in the process they are using to find Abby and Libby’s killer.

“When they call that tip line. We are actually vetting the information and when we find something that’s worth looking in to we do that.”

Investigators hope one closed murder case gives the right person the confidence to call with a small piece of a large puzzle they’ve been struggling to solve since mid-February.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that investigators are checking into Seller’s alibi, but at this time it doesn't appear as if he’s involved to the Delphi murders.

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