Time debate heats up again at Indiana Statehouse

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Some state lawmakers are standing firm in their believe that it's time to consider changing Indiana's time zone.

Switching clocks from Eastern to Central Time is a time-sensitive issue.

Hoosiers are understandably time-impaired. IT's been said "Time is everything," our lives revolve around time. But in Indiana, we keep going in circles over what time it is.

In 50 years, clocks in Indiana have switched from all Central Time to half Central Time, half Eastern Time, to mostly Eastern Time. Then, eight years ago, a newly-elected Governor Mitch Daniels convinced lawmakers it was time to change time again - to Daylight Saving Time.

Sue Dillon, who leads the Central Time Coalition, insists it's not time to give up the time argument.

"No, no it's not, because it is wrong. It's wrong for Hoosiers," Dillon said.

The Central Time Coalition insists changing time again - rolling clocks back an hour - would be safer and better for school children who now ride buses, walk to school or start classes an hour or more before the sun comes up.

"Kids can't be productive when their body is telling them they still need to be asleep," Dillon said.

But an earlier sunrise would steal an hour of precious evening playtime light from kids and families.

"I don't care if I go to work in the dark. When I get home, I have sunshine and I love it," said Karen Taylor.

Some say it's time to end Indiana's constant clock tampering.

"We need to leave well enough alone. We've adjusted it. It's the way we live our lives. It's done," said one man downtown.