Three boys suspended after attacking girl in bathroom


A 12-year-old girl had to scream for help during an attack at school by her classmates.

It happened Thursday afternoon at Francis Scott Key Elementary School on Baker Drive in east Indianapolis.The 12-year-old says three boys tried to rip off her clothes inside a girls' restroom, but her screams scared them away.

Parents want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else at the school.

"They need a lot of talking to let them know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. They took it too far.The girl needs talking to, too, to let her know what was done was wrong and how she can prevent from happening again," said Laneisha Thornton, parent.

IPS used security video to identify an 11-year-old and two 12-year-old boys.

The school suspended the students after questioning them with their parents present. They will remain out of school pending the outcome of the investigation.