Thousands of tickets still available for Colts playoff game

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As of Tuesday night, there were still thousands of tickets available for the wild card playoff game Saturday when the Colts host the Kansas City Chiefs at Lucas Oil Stadium.

NFL rules dictate that teams have to sell out 72 hours ahead of each game to broadcast it locally. That deadline was extended due to the New Year's Day holiday.

So why is there more supply than demand? It may come down to cost and timing.

For the second day, Colts fans headed to the ticket window to get their seats to see the Colts in the playoffs.

"I got lower level tickets and I was surprised they still had some available," said Brad Merz, Colts fan.

According to the Colts, more than 24 hours after tickets went on sale for the wild card playoff game, thousands of tickets were still for sale.

What one ticket broker says may be a matter of timing.

"The deadline to order playoff tickets came off the 3-3 stretch and they weren't playing well," said Mike Peduto, Circle City Tickets.

Season ticket holders, not expecting much from the post-season, may have opted out of their place at the playoffs - leaving more inventory for places like Circle City tickets.

"There's more supply out there and that keeps the prices down so the prices are really reasonable for a playoff game," said Peduto.

The Colts say fans can still get tickets in the $56-$155 range. At Circle City Tickets, they say good seats on the lower level are still going for $175 to $200.

A check of the Colts website for the best available showed that fans can pay as much as $338 a ticket for club level seats on the 50-yard line.

A pair of those are about the same price as new television.

"For $800 you can get a great brand. Right here we have a 51-inch Samsung. It's a smart TV," said Zach Norman, HH Gregg.

"There's something to be said for being there versus watching on TV. It's not the same atmosphere," said Peduto, who believes Saturday will be a sellout despite the slow sales right now.

"On a key game like this you just have to suck it up and go," said Ron Henderson, Colts fan.

Fans who have their tickets in hand can't wait.

You can also try your luck in WTHR's Colts ticket giveaway contest! Register here for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Saturday's game. You must be available Friday to pick up the tickets at our studios.