Thousands enjoy old school celebration at Summer Celebration concert

Thousands came out for a free concert Friday night on American Legion Mall.
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It's called Summer Celebration for a reason.

That's just what thousands came to do downtown Friday night at American Legion Mall with the music of the SOS Band, After 7 and Keith Sweat.

"It can be a history lesson for the younger ones. Come on down and see how we used to groove," said Ken Richardson.

Under blue skies and mild temperatures, people came together to enjoy music, each other, even a game of cards.

"It's a great experience. Nice Music, good Times, being with family. It's fun," said Kristin Roundtree.

Amidst the fun, extra eyes were on hand for crowd control.

Volunteers with a Faith Patrol made up of pastors and community leaders walked around alongside IMPD and Indiana State Police.

"It's old school tonight," said Darryl Jones with the Faith Patrol, referring to the crowd. "We usually don't have trouble outta old school, 'cause old school's down here trying to have fun and that's what we want everybody to do is have fun. We want everybody to have fun and be safe."

Safety has been on the city's collective conscious lately with a summer that's seen its share of gun violence.

"You never know what someone's thinking or what someone's going to do and a lot of things have been happening lately," explained Britany Wilson. "It feels like constantly there's something happening , so you never know, but I feel like it's pretty safe right now."

That was a feeling reinforced for many Friday, seeing the city's police chief, Rick Hite, who walked through the crowd and greeted concertgoers with handshakes and conversation.