Thousands awaken still without power


Thousands of people in Indianapolis woke up still without power Monday after weekend storms came through, toppling trees and downing power lines throughout the city.

More than 5,500 IPL customers spent the night without power - that meant no lights, no air conditioning, and probably damage to their yards or homes. At the height of the power outages, IPL reported 33-thousand customers without power after severe weather that hit early Sunday morning.

The neighborhood in the 5100 block of Broadway was still dealing with power issues early Monday morning.

Crews worked long shifts Sunday after the storm hit, along with overnight into Monday morning, trying to get everyone back online. The hardest hit areas are along Meridian from Fall Creek up to 86th Street, and from Broad Ripple to Binford Avenue.

IPL says the restoration process is pretty tedious at this point because a crew can work four to five hours and only restore forty customers.
Hundreds of Duke Energy customers also lost power, but most had it restored overnight.

Crews were delayed getting to some power lines because tree trimming crews had to do their jobs first. Families, businesses, and even motorists were all impacted by the outages. 

For eleven hours, Lawrence Carter and his neighbors sat waiting for a jolt of good news. In the shade, he watched the handoff from the tree trimmers to the power crews.  Workers who commonly patrol in this neck of the woods, dotted by mature trees. 

"Almost every year, sometimes we have outages because tree limbs have fallen over the wire," according to Carter. "And people are reluctant to cut them out when they have the opportunity to, so when you have a heavy storm, ice storm, we always have some problems here."

Some found unique ways to deal with it.  Across the street, the Xanders made their own teams to playfully pass the time.

"Amelia here decided to paint the field and have some fun," said Mike Xander. "My sister's in from California so we're having a great time."

Not so much at 52nd and College. The kitchens at Taste Restaurant and the SoBro cafe never fired up for the Sunday brunch and dinner crowds. Power was out.
And so were the cooks - across the street.

"No really escaping it though," reasoned Kim Madsen. "Power's out at my house, and power's out here.  And a tree collapsed on my van so I can't drive away."

Power Crews put in a 16-hour day trying to restore electricity to as many as possible, targeting larger circuit areas where a single fix could turn on the lights for thousands at a time. 

At 6:00 a.m., IPL's outage map indicated 3,600 customers still without power.