Thousands affected by home assessment error

Joe O'Connor, Marion County assessor
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A mistake in the Marion County assessor's office is bigger than expected. Eyewitness News first broke the story last week on the massive number of over-assessments for homeowners.

When WTHR first reported the problem, county assessor Joe O'Connor said his office was still determining how widespread the issue was. Now he's determined that thousands of homeowners are affected.

Friday, O'Connor said 6,400 homes in 52 neighborhoods were wrongly assessed, with the vast majority being assessed to high. The homes are in Washington, Warren and Center Townships, primarily in older neighborhoods like Irvington where some assessments shot up 40 to 50 percent.

O'Connor said it "was a factor applied to all homes in a neighborhood. It's more of a mathematical error. That's why it was easy to identify, relatively easy to fix. In less than a week's time we were able to identify and know what the problem areas were."

He says the corrections were sent to the state, and once the state signs off the new assessments will go out within the next month or so.