Thieves steal couple's Christmas decorations - twice

James and Rachel Guffey have set up their Christmas display for the third time.
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An Indiana family says it will make the best of the holiday season, despite a cruel crime.

"That's ol' Santa Claus' Workshop," said 73-year-old James Guffey, pointing to a giant inflatable Christmas decoration in his front yard.

That's why Guffey and his wife Rachel spent weeks in their front yard on Lawrence Avenue, creating their own Christmas magic.

"We have done it so many years and we have enjoyed it," explained Rachel Guffey.

"I like to see little kids happy," said James, starting to choke up.

This year, though, someone stole part of the Guffey's Christmas joy by taking several of their giant inflatable Christmas decorations, not just once, but twice this past week.

"It's not right. It's be treated like this," cried James, wiping the tears from his face.

"It just breaks my heart. I felt so sorry for him Sunday morning," Rachel added, starting to tear up herself.

"You don't go out in a man's yard and steal that much stuff and come back two nights later to do the same thing," said James.

But that's exactly what someone did.

The Guffeys said they know exactly who is responsible for stealing their Christmas decorations, or at least what that person looks like. That's because they have hidden security cameras all around their house that captured it on video.

The footage showed a person come into the Guffey's yard, cut the ropes holding the decorations in place, deflate them and haul them away. Two nights later, the Guffeys believe the same person was on the video again, coming back and stealing more - and it was all captured on camera.

"If he walked up here right now, I'd do my best to break his jaw. You want me to tell you the truth don't you? That's the way I feel," said James.

"I'd loved to have a board with nails in it and plopped him right in the head and then call the police and said, 'Now you can shows what you was doing'," said Rachel.

The Guffeys say they won't let anyone take all their Christmas Joy. They're putting up more decorations.

"I gotta put a manger scene up. I've got some snowmen. I got a Santa Claus 20-foot high I'm gonna put up. I got a snow man 20-foot high I'm gonna put up," explained James.

"It's okay. If he wants to go on and do it, we will go ahead and do it," said Rachel.

"He ain't gonna run me out of it, no," said James of the person who took his family's decorations.

That's because the Guffeys said they believe even if the video and the law can't get them justice, there's another kind waiting.

"God will take care of him," said James.