Thieves rob teens, make threats about Circle City Classic

Two 16-year-old boys were robbed of their cell phones and pocket change Thursday night.
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Armed thieves are threatening to rob people at Circle City Classic events this weekend.

Their boast was made right after the bold bus stop robbery of two 16-year-old boys.

When Jordan and Joshua are not playing basketball on their Playstation 3, they find open courts to practice their hoop skills. But Thursday night on their way home from Barnes Methodist Church after open gym, they pulled out their cell phones to give the time to a guy with a group of teens.

"Then he pulled his gun out and he said, 'You got until the light turns green to give him your phone, or I am shooting all of you'," Jordan said.

"And then he asked Jordan, 'I heard some change in your pocket' and he was, like, 'Give me your change.' He gave him like 93 cents," Joshua said.

The robbery happened as they waited at a bus stop at 29th and MLK. Shortly after, the boys called their mothers.

"My first reaction was, 'Did you get hurt?' My philosophy is you can replace material things. You can't replace a life," said Laura Lewis.

"Thankful to God that nothing happened to them and the only thing they did take was a cell phone and some change and that's it," said Angela Walker.

But there's more to Thursday night's robbery. A witness told police she overheard the same thieves threatening to rob even more people during the Circle City Classic football game.

It's a threat the pastor at Barnes Methodist where the boys played basketball takes seriously. He's already worked with police to launch faith patrols during Classic weekend and not just for downtown.

"We are going to try to cover these neighborhoods and not send everybody downtown," said Rev. Charles Harrison.

Meanwhile, the teenage robbery victims will be safe. Their mothers are keeping them home and away from the park for now.

"I just don't understand why you have to rob people to get what you want," Joshua said.

Jordan and Joshua are both hoping to save up enough money to replace their stolen cell phones.

Despite getting robbed after coming to the courts to play hoops, both of the boys are planning to try out for their high school basketball teams, hope to play college ball and you know they have NBA dreams.