There's no place like home for Hoosier Olympian

Nick Goepper was greeted by hundreds of fans in Lawrenceburg.
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Olympic bronze medalist Nick Goepper returned home Tuesday to a welcoming crowd in his hometown of Lawrenceburg.

Goepper was welcomed home in a ceremony at the Lawrenceburg High School gymnasium.

"What's up Lawrenceburg," shouted Goepper to a crowd of hundreds of screaming and adoring fans who have followed his trip to Sochi to compete in freestyle skiing in this year's Olympic Winter Games.

"This is absolutely incredible to come home to a support crowd like this," said Goepper. "I just want to say with a little bit of hard work and belief in yourself anything is possible."

Goepper's certainly finding out how quickly winning an Olympic medal can change your life.

Since winning the bronze medal in freestyle skiing, female admirers from across the country are lining up to go on a date with the eligible bachelor.

"There's been quite a bit of female attention since the Olympics and its pretty sweet," said Goepper, smiling shyly with his bronze medal around his neck.

Sweet doesn't even begin to describe it, though.

Goepper's quest for love post-Olympics has spawned a Twitter campaign that's gone viral, with the hashtag #IWantToDateNick.

"There's some awesome girls out there and I'm gonna be looking for someone definitely who looked like she put a lot of time and creativity into whatever she created," said Goepper of all the tweets and video submissions he has received.

So far, Goepper has yet to choose the lucky lady, but he might not have to look very far. He's got hundreds of adoring female fans right in his own backyard in Lawrenceburg, a place Goepper is happy to be.

"The one thing I'm most proud of is to say where I'm from," Goepper told the crowd. "No matter how many medals or X Games or anything I've been to, when the announcer says, 'Nick Goepper from Lawrenceburg, Indiana,' that's what really hits home."

It's all come full circle for Goepper, who says once he's had a day to rest with his family, he'll be hitting the slopes at Perfect North where his Olympic dreams began.