Theft in locker room during football game

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During a high school football game thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen in a locker room theft.

Police have launched an investigation during Friday night's football sectional game at Howe High School when they were playing against Indianapolis Lutheran High School. While the teams were battling it out on the football field --someone was in the locker room stealing everything from iPhone's to Air Jordan's.

Sam Weeden was one of the victims, "... I lost my cell phone, my debit card, my cash, my driver's license."

According to police reports, someone ransacked the visitor locker room inside Howe high school while the sectional tourney played outside.

Lutheran Athletic Director Tom Finchum said, "It's very disappointing. We had 11 guys who had stuff stolen ranging from phones to headsets to school computers things like that."

Eleven Saints team members told police they had something missing. Valuables that included electronics, cash and brand name clothes.

Weeden added, "I went to my locker I put my stuff in my locker, and my locker was bent so it looked like they broke into it and everything was gone."

It's the second time this year thefts targeted a facility at Howe. In July it was the concession stand.

Finchum is disappointed, to say the least, "It's just sad that individuals think that's an appropriate thing to do."

Although they were competitors on the field, Lutheran holds no grudge.

"They were locking the locker room and I think someone must have snuck in through a door in the gym. And they felt terrible."

According to police reports, witnesses saw two men running through the parking lot carrying items just before the end of the game.

Officials at Howe High School say they will increase security – possibly having someone in the locker room during games.

Both schools plan to follow up with police Monday.