The work that goes into being a zookeeper

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It is no easy task to keep the Indianapolis Zoo running smoothly.  Zookeepers there have a lot to do, but on the bright side, they get to work with some amazing animals.  During "National Zookeeper Week", we take a look at the amazing job zookeepers do every day.

If you've been to the zoo, you know "Spike the Rhino".  Laura is one of the zookeepers behind his care.  She conditions his toenails, and even helps keep the flies off with this skin so soft/mineral oil mixture spray.  Laura always stays behind the protective contacts when she cares for him.  She also prepares meals by carefully measuring out food for the three rhinos at the downtown zoo.

Laura says she's been a zookeeper for 14 years, and says it's a lot of hard work, with a lot of behind the scenes care you never see.  She says the animals make her job easy.  "Because they're so tough, I have to make sure they're basically well fed and they have enough space for themselves," Laura says, "but they are a lot of fun. Each one has a different personality so you're always on your toes.  Each day, we do the same thing, but they make our day interesting."

If you're interested in what the zookeepers at the Indianapolis Zoo do, you can meet and interact with them during daily keeper chats. It's a perfect opportunity for kids to find out what kind of college education they need and what the job is all about.