The best company to work for? Kid-friendly, unlimited vacation, beer on tap!

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We've all probably wondered if there's any such thing as the perfect job. One family-friendly office in Minneapolis may just redefine work-life balance as we know it.

Imagine a job where no one worried about when you walk in, and where you can bring your kids to work whenever you want.

Pot luck chili is what's for lunch and ice cold beer's always on tap.

But it gets even better. You can take vacation when you want, as much as you want - as long as your projects are done.

Welcome to Clockwork in Minneapolis, a place where no one seems to watch the clock.

"When we drove up, the taxi driver said, 'Look! They're having a party in there! I thought you said this was a company!'" McFadden said.

"I think that's how people see it from the outside looking in, but we work really hard," said Nancy Lyons, Clockwork owner.

13 years ago with a little money, a couple of friends and a lot of Midwestern pluck, Nancy Lyons took an old gas station and turned her dream into a tech company.

"I'm a woman with a mouth, and big ideas and entrepreneurism was the path I had to take. And I wanted people who wanted to do the work with me and who wanted to have some fun. And to be exactly who they are," she said.

Today she has 75 employees and is expanding

"If you look at our website it says we like Mondays. And it's true," said Lyons.

Her army of geeks help other businesses figure out their digital strategies, content and design. Target, Best Buy and General Mills are among their clients. But it's how they treat their employees here that has everyone talking.

"I've been working for a while, in a lot of different places. and this is the best place I've ever worked," said Jeffery Berger, Clockwork employee.

"When you talk to the folks that work here, they say that they are all treated like adults," said Lyons. "They're trusted to do their jobs. What we work hard to do is invite their whole selves to work and let them be exactly who they are, because in doing that we get their best work. We create sort of this optimal environment of them to feel comfortable. It's not work-life balance. It's life balance. It's all life. We bring our work home. We bring our lives to work."

While a cynic might say the family-friendly approach just keeps workers at the office longer, Lyons admits, "Sure, it works to to the company's advantage often. And it works to the staff's advantage often too. And I think there's a balance there."

But for Lyons, it's the values that are important.

"Who cares about the soda if you don't feel good where you work and don't believe what leadership is saying to you? No can of Coke is gonna fix that for you," she said.

The secret sauce isn't so secret: It boils down to respect. All of Lyons' employees call it the best place they've ever worked.

When Lyons hears that, she says, "I get choked up because that's what I wanted."