Thaw puts heat on homeowners

Ice is falling from homes and offices, causing damage.
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Melting ice and snow are causing problems on the road and in the home as Hoosiers emerge from this week's winter storm.

By night, rough roads. By day, home hazards.

And downtown, sudden impact.

"It's loud!" said a worker at an office building at 10th and Illinois. "Ice falling off and breaking windows in there."

The ice fell hundreds of feet onto a glass lobby ceiling, breaking three glass panels.

At a north side intersection, we saw five cars go right through a stop sign. Then we drove through and noticed a tree, heavy with snow, partially hiding that sign - a hidden hazard to watch for.

And on the street, we found families walking with little children in the street, as sidewalks were snowed over. Hazards we may not see until it's too late. People in the streets even rolling grocery carts and waiting for the bus.

"Another thing most people are seeing, I'm seeing at my house, is the gutters are filling up with ice. The ice is damming over and you got those large icicles," said Michael Gunning of Fusek Hardware downtown.

Gunning says it's critical to stop the damming, "because water can backup and do damage to the roof line."

And your inside walls, too. So first, knock the icicles off the gutters. That will help keep them from pulling off of the house. Then fill old pantyhose legs with ice melt and carefully put them along the roof, just above the gutter. That can help open up the gutter so the water drains.