Thanksgiving holiday will see more driving, less flying

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A slight drop in gas prices could be why more people are expected to travel by car this year for the Thanksgiving holidays. While car trips are expected to be up, air travel will be down. 

AAA estimates just over 43-million people will travel 50 miles or more over the Thanksgiving holiday - up slightly compared to last year - and continuing an upward trend over the past four years.

Most, about 90-percent, will be driving to their destination, and it looks like this will be a good week for a road trip. Gas prices are down nationwide.

We found gas selling in Indianapolis overnight at prices lower than the state average, which hovers around $3.45 a gallon. Eyewitness News found gas stations along Shadeland Avenue on the east side of Indianapolis, selling for $3.34 per gallon early Monday morning.

Air travel is down slightly from last year. Wednesday will be the busiest day of the holiday travel period. How much you pay to fly depends on when you fly.

If you're flying from Indianapolis to New York City on Tuesday, and coming back on Sunday, you will pay $493. But if you stay until Monday, you can save $80.  If you have to wait until Wednesday to fly out, and come back Sunday, the trip will increase in cost to $626. But if you wait until Monday, you realize a huge savings, as the price goes down to $366.

The biggest increase for travel this year is renting a car. If you have to rent, it will cost you, on average, 27-percent more than last year.