A thank you, and a call to action

A thank you, and a call to action
Becky Lundberg

Often on the HealthBeat, we feature Indiana patients who bravely come forward sharing the personal details of their diagnosis in hopes of helping others.

That certainly was the goal of Becky Lundberg. She talked with us about her ovarian cancer in hopes that women would learn about their risk and symptoms, and follow up with Checkup 13.

Her cancer was detected after going to the doctor to check on a persistent stomach ache.

"Just listening to my body. That is such a cliché, 'Listen to your body'," Becky said in a September 2012 interview with Eyewitness News. "'Listen to your body,' I mean, that is what they all said."

Her doctor told her that if she hadn't come in with her stomach ache, her cancer would have gone on undetected for much longer than it did.

After a brief remission, Becky's cancer came back. She died Monday.

Becky is survived by her husband Blake, and daughters Anna, a student at Carmel High, and Emily, a student at Vanderbilt. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Eyewitness News wants to extend a thank you to Becky for her advocacy, and the time she graciously took to educate other women.