Texas grandmother fights back against would-be thieves

Raquel Pineda of Odessa, Texas, chased after would-be thieves trying to steal her lawn mower.
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A 63-year-old Texas grandmother fought back when thieves tried to steal from her.

The woman was in her living room in Odessa when she spotted three people shoving her lawn mower into their car. She went straight out her front door, jumped from the porch and grabbed onto the lawn mower handle that was sticking out of the thieves' door.

They floored the car and dragged the woman but she still wouldn't let go.

"I busted my sandals and everything and I just barefooted it, running with the truck hanging onto the lawn mower until I finally was able to pull the lawn mower out and one of the wheels broke. But I said, 'One for me'," recalled Raquel Pineda. "I thought they would stop once they would see that I was not letting the lawn mower go but instead, they continued and so this is how I got all of my knees scraped and I got one of my tooth knocked out and my elbow scraped."

The woman was able to save her lawn mower, but the people who tried to take it got away.