Texas cliff home destroyed in controlled burn


A luxury home with a spectacular lake view was deliberately burned to the ground Friday. The owner decided to burn down the house after it was condemned.

The cliff under the Texas home is collapsing, and the house was going with it.

The edge of the 4,000-square-foot home on Lake Whitney in Texas was hanging about 75 feet above the lake. Part of the foundation had already fallen to the bottom of the cliff.

A sign on the front yard reads, "extreme danger - stay off premises."

Tax records show the home was built just seven years ago and is valued at more than $700,000.

The home was intentionally set on fire  Friday. The idea was to destroy the home before another landslide occurred.

Bales of hay saturated with fuel were used to set the fire, according to local reports. After that, the owner will have the debris moved to more stable land and crews will take away the slab of the home.