"Tennis ball bomb" suspect says he was set up

Neal Grubbs
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An Indianapolis man accused of making a homemade tennis ball bomb and plotting to use it on two movie theaters says he was set up. Neal Grubbs says he didn't make the bomb and had no intention of hurting anyone and was set up by a friend over a $100 unpaid debt.

Neal Grubbs insists he's never been in trouble, didn't make the bomb, would never hurt anyone and was set up by a former friend.

"He just brought the bomb. Just showed up. I didn't know he was bringing it. He just whipped it out of his pocket in my room. It was left there. I just forgot about it," he said.

On Wednesday, Indianapolis and federal lawmen searched the home Grubbs shares with his mother. In his bedroom police say they found a "live improvised explosive device and the ingredients to make it.

"I didn't make it. Even though the bomb making materials were there, I didn't make it," said Grubbs.

The devices are known as tennis ball bombs on the internet. The one Grubbs is accused of making investigators say was more threatening. It was packed with plastic BB's and explosive black powder.

A 911 caller claimed Grubbs was targeting two Hendricks County theaters.

"A person smart enough to make a bomb and do that, doesn't tell anybody. what do you think is going to happen. They are going to tell someone. You don't to that," said Grubbs.

Grubbs says he knows his accuser, whom he describes as a former friend. He says it stemmed from a $100 dispute over marijuana.

Grubbs now faces a felony charge of possessing an explosive device. His family says he will fight it. They also say the person who allegedly set him up is now on the run.

Grubbs is specifically charged with: Possession of Destructive Device with Intent to Injure, Intimidate or Destroy Property, an A felony, and Possession of Destructive Device, a C felony.