Teens suspected in school voyeurism

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Police are investigating a case of voyeurism involving an eight-year-old girl at a church school.

In the safety of her school, in the privacy of the girls restroom, something happened to the Chapel Hill Christian School student and police are investigating.

"We praised her I told her she did the right thing. She went straight to her teacher," said school director Erin Kissling.

Police say the eight-year-old victim told them she was in the restroom and some people came in and may have taken pictures of her in the stall.

The suspects aren't some adults off the street. They aren't even adults. The police report shows they are teen girls - 15, 16 and 17 years old.

The director says they "were familiar faces to us. They had picked up students from our programs before," so they were not challenged when they walked into the school Wednesday.

But that has changed now.

"Changed our check-out procedures," Kissling said.

An aunt picking up her sister's son noticed it.

"She checked my ID, wrote my license number down and my name down, it was on the list for me to pick him up," said Janice Cronin.

If you are not on the list, you're not allowed past the entryway.

The school is not alone. Purdue had a Peeping Tom problem in 2012, with someone shooting photos of women in dorm showers. Other schools have found cameras hidden in gym locker rooms and even a Peeping Tom snapping photos in a Morgan County tanning salon.

"It made me sad. I hate that a child would have to go through that," said Kissling.

And her new security measures here are welcomed by parents.

"It's safe. It's just crazy," said Cronin.

The school's new visitor policy changes affect all students from kindergarten through third grade, plus after school care.