Teens learn life lessons from underage drinking busts

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More than 20 teenagers and young adults are facing charges after getting busted for drinking alcohol in Hancock County.

Police caught them this weekend when officers raided two parties - one in Greenfield and one in McCordsville. Investigators say this is the time of year for underage drinking, so their hotline has never been more important.

"I didn't even drink that much," said Alexa Lux Grimes, who was arrested at one of the parties. "I knew going into it that I was going to take the blame for it if I got caught, because it was my decision to act out."

Grimes is one of eight adult teenagers who were arrested around midnight Saturday. They had music, fun and a bonfire in a backyard pit where people continued to drink. Christian Howland, who organized the party, says since some teens brought their own alcohol, deputies gave him a break.

"Thankfully, they gave me a verbal warning and told me not to let it happen again," he said.

"People that were invited started bringing their friends and that is how it exploded into the party that it ultimately became," said 21-year-old Matt Sesux.

Hancock County deputies are on the lookout for these types of parties. Major Brad Burkhart says calls to their underage drinking hotline increase because of end of the school year celebrations.

"Most of the kids in the county realize that we are not here and we are not playing," Burkhart said. "They will go to jail."

Although the teenagers spent only one night in jail, they admit the lessons they've learned from underage drinking is something that will last a lifetime.