Teens escape southwest Indianapolis house fire

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High winds may have spread fire from one southwest Indianapolis house to another Friday night.

The fire happened around 10 p.m. in the 2400 block of Foltz Street.

Both homes are damaged, but two teenagers in one of the homes got out okay.

Neighbors think the fire started in a house that had been recently vacated.

A teenager living in the house next door said she was lying in bed, smelled smoke, saw flames and saw the window glass in her bedroom begin to crack from the heat.

The teenager grabbed her sister and her dog and got out safely.

Neighbors describe what sounded like an explosion.

"I heard a big boom, and then another boom," said neighbor India Ledbetter.

The abandoned home with blue trim, neighbors say, went up in flames.

"I opened the window because we were about to go to bed and it was rolling the fire was like rolling up and I told my husband call 911," Ledbetter said.

Fire investigators say the intense winds blew the fire to the neighboring home, which prompted Ledbetter to take off across the street to get out the family of four.

"Their 2 daughters were home; the husband and wife were down the road and got the phone call, but [the two daughters] gathered their two pets and got out," said homeowner Barry Alt, who rents the home to the family.

Everyone made it out safely. Alt has owned the house for 15 years.

"We completely remodeled the inside and finished last April," he said.

Now it all sits in ruins as he waits to hear from his insurance company.

The Wayne Township Fire Department says the cause of the fire is under investigation, but adds that it appears suspicious in nature.