Teens charged as adults for throwing rock at car

Sharon Budd (photo courtesy YouCaring.com)
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Three Pennsylvania teens are being tried as adults for throwing a rock at a car and sending its driver to the hospital.

The victim, Sharon Budd, was seriously injured when the football-sized rock went through her windshield as she drove down an Ohio highway.
Her husband, Randy, said her days of teaching middle school language arts may be over.

"At this point, I think, sadly enough...her going back to teaching anytime soon will not happen," said Randy.

Tyler Porter, 17, and brothers Brett and Dylan Lahr, are all being charged as adults for assault and conspiracy.

Sharon is still recovering from brain surgery caused by her injuries.

Her family has set up a fundraising effort on the crowdsourcing website YouCaring. Click here for more of her story or if you are interested in donating.