Teen upgraded to good condition after Lebanon parade accident

Cameron Wilson is now in good condition at Riley Hospital. (Photo provided by family.)

A Lebanon teenager has been upgraded to good condition at Riley Hospital, after falling from a float in a parade accident.

Fourteen-year-old Cameron Wilson was run over by the float and suffered severe injuries at the annual 4th of July parade.

An Independence Day tradition in the streets of Lebanon turned tragic Thursday afternoon. Families with the Lebanon Youth Football League were on a farm wagon being pulled by a pick-up truck. But as they ended their portion of the parade route and headed toward Lebanon Middle School, police say Wilson fell off the float and was run over by the wagon.

His grandpa, Keith Wilson, learned by phone that Cam was badly hurt.

"You're always scared. You don't know what's happened," Wilson said. "It was just a freak, freak incident. Evidently hit a bump in the road and the wagon just vaulted and he was on the front and vaulted forward."

"Apparently at least one wheel of the hay wagon went over the chest and abdomen of the boy," said Lebanon Police Lt. Brent Wheat.

Wilson says Cameron broke both collarbones. He also had a torn spleen, punctured lung and fractured hip.

When Cameron was run over, police say the impact caused two others to fall from the float.

The impact of the strike caused two other people to fall off the float. Amy Coffman, 39, Lebanon and Caiden Coffman, 11, were transported to Witham Hospital by medics. Both were treated and released.

Cameron's injuries had him transferred to Riley Hospital for Children.

"These things, it does happen. I heard yesterday also out west one person had fell and didn't survive, so we're pretty lucky he didn't have any head injuries that were severe and they said full recovery should happen," Wilson said.

Wilson also shared that his grandson is now talking and doing much better one day later. He said Cameron even apologized to his dad for falling off the float.

Meanwhile, police are reconstructing the accident, looking at video and interviewing witnesses.

They're also looking into the person who was driving the float's truck, a 15-year-old boy with only a learner's permit.

"We want to know what the kids on the float were doing, what the driver was doing and how all those factors interacted to result in a tragedy," Lt Wheat said. "We're researching whether that's a permitted use or a permitted operation by a learner's permit. He did have his father in the seat with him."

Cameron's grandfather says they're not pointing any fingers of fault.

"We'll not blame on anybody. He's a good kid. I think sometimes things happen, they just happen," Wilson said.

Cameron's family says they're concentrating on his recovery, which is likely to take about six weeks.

"He's got a lot of love. They got a lot of people pulling for him, so he'll be just fine," Wilson said.