Teen pleads not guilty in Indianapolis east side murder case

Anthony Shockley

INDIANAPOLIS - 19-year-old Anthony Shockley pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of murder.

Shockley is charged with shooting and killing 61-year old Clayton Battice. Battice was shot outside his apartment near 30th and Mitthoeffer on June 5th. Shockley also is accused of being a member of the Pop It Off Boyz, a street gang known for terrorizing residents on the far east side.

The Indianapolis Metro Police Department arrested members of the Pop It Off Boyz gang on June 9th. These arrests subsequently led to Shockley's arrest and the charge for Battice's murder. Fellow gang members Jamar Perkins and Jonathan Williams have also been arrested in connection with the Battice case.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, addressed the charges against Shockley,

"The information developed to arrest and charge Anthony Shockley grew out of last week's investigation and subsequent arrests of alleged Pop It Off Boyz gang members. In charging Mr. Shockley - who is alleged in last week's charges to be a member of this criminal street gang - with murder, we are using the firearm sentencing enhancement to add five years to the Murder charge. We will continue to employ these aggressive prosecutorial tactics to those individuals who participate in - and perpetuate - gun crimes and gang-related activities," Prosecutor Curry said.