Teen in court for Arsenal Tech shooting

William Alvies

The 19-year-old accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend outside Arsenal Tech High School may spend decades in prison.

The criminal charges against William Alvies include attempted murder and stalking.

Alvies ducked behind other inmates on his way from court to jail on Tuesday.

The evidence against him comes from the shooting victim, other witnesses, his confession and numerous texts.

In one message included in court documents, Alvies threatened to blow her head off.

His mother, LouAnn Hardin, says her son is mentally ill and, as a ward of the state, he didn't get the help he needed.

"If William had been on his medication, he would have been a whole different person. He was agitated. He was angry and he was depressed. He wanted to take his own life," said Hardin.

His ex-girlfriend, a 17-year-old Tech senior, was shot once in the shoulder.

Alvies' trial is scheduled for August.