Teen hides out in Wal-Mart for two days

Items found in one of the boy's Wal-Mart hideouts.
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Police say a teenager with a history of running away from home camped out at a Texas Wal-Mart for several days.

He ran away from his aunt's house and was found secretly living in the store two days later.

He built two hidden compounds and was able to call the 24-hour store home.

One of them was in the aisle carrying baby products, behind boxes of strollers.

The other was behind stacks of paper towels and toilet paper.

The 14-year-old would change in and out of clothes every few hours to avoid detection.

Sources say the 14-year-old was so concerned about being caught, he wore diapers instead of using the store restroom.

Eventually, a trash trail led to the teen's discovery.

Police were called and released the boy to the custody of relatives.

There's no indication Wal-Mart plans to file criminal charges at this point.