Teen faces charges for fake calls to 911

A 13-year-old boy reportedly made several phony calls to 911.
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A 13-year-old boy is in big trouble for making repeated phony phone calls to 911.

Some of the calls were about a burglar with a gun, which caused police to respond to the teen's street, with their weapons ready.

In one 911 call obtained by Eyewitness News, the boy tells a dispatcher though no one got hurt, "the robbery man" has a gun and is upstairs in his house.

In a three-month span between October and January, IMPD say the same boy made repeated prank calls to 911 using his next door neighbor's address.

"He has a gun," he told 911 in another call. "I'm hiding."

Homeowner Brian Helms says he occasionally saw police swarm his street with their guns drawn. Now he knows why.

"They have walked around the house directly across the street with flashlights and they have sat out here a few times and they have actually walked around their house," Helms said.

Emergency dispatcher Mike Metzler wants every parent to teach their children that false 911 calls cost money, waste time and distract dispatchers.

"They are frustrating. But every time someone does call, even if they give information, we have to send, no matter what. Even if we feel it to be a false call," he said.

During one of the 911 calls, as police were on their way to the teenager's street, he admitted there was no break-in, there was no gun and there was no robber.

"This is a prank call," he told the dispatcher.

"It is a prank call? That's against the law. Why would you call and say that?" the dispatcher replied.

Eyewitness News tried to get an answer to that same question, but the boy's family did not answer the door Friday afternoon.

The Marion County Sheriff's 911 Center helped launch the investigation after the boy's most recent phony call for help a couple of weeks ago.

The teenager faces five charges for false reporting.