Teen boys threatened by burglars in separate incidents


Burglars left two teenage boys horrified after breaking in and threatening their lives during two separate home invasions.

One of the burglaries happened on the east side on Mill View Court near East 46th Street and Shadeland Avenue. The other happened on West Coil Street, near West 65th Street and Michigan Road.

"I am relieved that he is alive and that he didn't panic," said the mother of one of the boys.

The mother shared with Eyewitness News how burglars tricked her son into opening the door at their home in the Peppermill Farms apartments. Around 3 p.m. Tuesday, the teenager mistakenly thought he recognized the voice after looking through the peephole in the front door.

"He just seen like a figure and thought it was his two friends coming back and when he said, 'Who is it?' they said, 'You know who it is'," the boy's mother said.

Once through the door, the burglars attacked her son, asking for weapons.

"Choked him, took him by his neck and started punching him in the back of his head and shoved him into the utility closet," she said.

The teenager watched through the aluminum closet doors as the burglars ransacked their home. But when the teen heard talk about killing him, he made a run for it.

"One of the dudes said, 'Shoot that (expletive)!', talking about my son," the mother said.

She was at a pharmacy when her son called her cell phone about the burglary. She made it home within minutes.

"I entered my home, not knowing they had just walked out the door," she said.

Monday night, three teenagers forced their way into a northwest Indianapolis home. While inside, they ordered a 13-year-old boy to hide under a blanket.

After her own son's horrifying experience, the east side mother has advice for parents.

"Who's to say they would not have shot my son on the way out and they would be out here right now with a gun. With all these murders going on, so I just urge parents to talk to their kids," she said.