Teen arrested for firing shots inside mall


IMPD detectives arrested a 15-year-old black male that was located outside of the Lafayette Square Mall for firing several shots inside the mall on Friday evening. A .22 caliber revolver containing six empty shell casings was located in close proximity to the suspect as well as several live .22 rounds on his person.

He was arrest for criminal recklessness, possession of a handgun with no license and dangerous possession of a handgun by a minor and transported to the Juvenile Processing Center.

Three other black males ranging in age from 17 to 20 were detained in a car in the mall parking lot by officers responding to the incident. A rifle was in plain view in the front passenger compartment next to the adult driver. This was the only weapon located in the vehicle. The other "weapons" were plastic guns. These individuals were released. The rifle was confiscated and placed in the property room.

"My daughter works here, she texted me," said Charlisa King, a concerned mother.

IMPD Officer Kendale Adams says the shots were fired, "toward what was the old JCPenney, now the Shopper's World."

Investigators are unsure if they were random shots and it is unclear how many were fired.

King didn't know how many shots her daughter heard inside the mall, but, "She just said, 'Mom, they're shooting in the mall.'"

Police say people evacuated the mall on their own.

"Folks were already coming out when we came," said Adams.

When police arrived, they entered the mall cautiously, assuming an active shooter could be in the building. They found a handgun in the mall and took one person in for questioning, then let him go after reviewing security tape, deciding he was not the shooter.

But outside the mall, police found a rifle in a car. They are checking out the gun and questioning its owner. It is unclear whether it is related to the shooting.

"Shootings of this nature will not be tolerated", said IMPD Chief Rick Hite, "IMPD will have increased security and a stepped-up presence at our malls."

Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS or via text message. Text "INDYCS" plus tip information to 274627.