Teen accused in Trapuzzano murder had long criminal history

Simeon Adams, 16
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More information is emerging about the teenage boy arrested for killing an Indianapolis father-to-be last week on the west side.

Police say the 16-year-old was involved in gang activity. An Indianapolis pastor says the teen threatened him just hours before another west side shooting.

Numerous family members say Simeon Adams is not a violent person, and is not capable of shooting and killing someone. But a well-known pastor had a run-in with the 16 year-old murder suspect and says it was clear Adams was just looking for someone to shoot.

It was at a gas station near 29th and Martin Luther King Junior St. on March 30th that the Ten Point Coalition went to break up a gathering of members from three different gangs.

Reverend Charles Harrison said confronting him was 16-year-old Simeon Adams, also known as "Red". It was clear, he said, the teen had a gun in the front pocket of his hoodie.

"Red was a part of it. He was there. He was a part of it. We saw what happened and the young man got very aggressive with me," said Rev. Harrison.

Harrison said after he and Ten Point members broke up the gathering, several shots were fired outside a nearby restaurant.

"We saw the same young men that we had asked to leave the Marathon (station) running away....including Red," he said.

The 16-year-old's arrest record dates back to 2007. As a nine-year-old he was arrested for throwing rocks at cars on I-65. In 2010 he was accused of beating a classmate. Last April he was picked up for burglary, and just six months ago, he was arrested for possession of a stolen handgun.

Fast forward to March 30th, when a man was shot outside the west side restaurant. Finally on April 1st, 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano was murdered. Police believe robbery was the motive. Trapuzzano was out for his morning walk and carried nothing of value.

Adams' mother committed suicide before he could walk. He was raised by extended relatives in two states and was expelled from school at least once - all factors that lead to trouble.

"Broken family is one. Education is another. High unemployment is another. We have to begin to tackle these issues if we're going to stop this madness in our city," said Rev. Harrison.

Prosecutors charged Simeon Adams with multiple felonies, including murder. They charged him as an adult, and he will face a judge Thursday morning in the Trapuzzano case.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry charged Adams Tuesday as an adult with murder, felony attempted robbery and misdemeanor carrying a handgun without a license.