Tech grabs city title during return to glory

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For the first time in decades, an Indianapolis Public School has won the boys' basketball city tournament.

The Titans at Arsenal Tech are poised to return their program to prominence.

You can call it the "Return of the Titans."

Thursday night, Arsenal Tech clinched the city title with a 66-58 win over Cathedral.

"It was just ecstatic," said senior standout Trey Lyles. "I was happy, everybody was happy. We ran over and hugged the coach and said thank you."

"This city championship, it's great, we're leaving a legacy, but it's all getting us ready for state," said Tech's Rashaun Richardson.

"I think it brings joy to the school," added Joshua Whitfield, who relished classmates walking up throughout the day to congratulate him.

The win comes to a team that's overcome injury and setbacks. The seniors came to the un-storied program as freshmen with plenty of talent. They all had to learn it's about the team.

"We weren't as good as a team, but you know, as time progressed we got Coach (Jason) Delaney here and guys came and progressed as a team," Lyles said, looking back.

"We came together, we realized what we had was something special and we can do something big," explained Richardson.

Until Thursday's win, Tech's trophy case was a bit dated. The boys' basketball team won city championships in 1989, 1990 and 1991, which was the last time they brought home the hardware.

Tobi Elmore has spent many nights in the Tech stands and ticket booth. He has taught U.S. History at the school for 23 years, the same number of years it's taken the program to win another city championship. Now, he's proud of the history these athletes are making both on and off the court.

"We have successes that nobody ever hears about," he said.

Still wearing the shine from the championship gold ball, the Tech players are part of an urban basketball revival.

One they hope will include a state title.

They believe the Titans have returned and are working to leave a legacy no one will soon forget.

Trey Lyles has signed to play college basketball at Kentucky. His teammates Jeremie Tyler and Rashaun Richardson are headed to Ball State. The players credit their coach, Jason Delaney, for keeping them focused.