Team USA takes in emotional Opening Ceremony

Heidi Kloser was injured during a training run in Sochi.

Emotions for Team USA were riding high as they got ready to take part in Friday's Opening Ceremony at the Winter Olympics.

"It's the opening of the games. The world's watching. It's an opportunity for mom and everybody back home to see it," said snowboarder Justin Rider.

"It's the best experience in the world, it's the greatest part of the Olympic Games, I think. Walking into the Olympic Games, fellow countrymen, your teammates, it's a dream come true. Second time for me, so I get to relive this twice," said John Daly, who competes in skeleton.

"It's so fun. Can't wait to see what the night brings," said cross country skier Ida Sargent, showing off her Team USA sweater.

The sweater, designed by Ralph Lauren, was the talk of the Opening Ceremony for Team USA.

"It's an outfit alright. There'll be no mistaking what country we're from, so that's the point and that's what I like about it," Daly said.

The most touching moment of the night was when we met 21-year-old Heidi Kloser. Her Olympic dream is over after crashing on the moguls. Kloser tore her ACL and bruised bones in her leg during the training crash.

"I'm happy I get to walk in the Opening Ceremony, even though I don't get to compete anymore," Kloser said.